Reseller Club Shared Hosting Review? (in India)

Shared Hosting

Like any web hosting provider worth its salt, they have shared hosting plans. Both Linux and Windows plans are available.

Shared Hosting Plan Features

All shared hosting plans come with unlimited disk space, data transfer, and email accounts.

The one variation between the three plans is the number of domains each plan can support — for example, the Personal plan supports a single domain, while the Pro plan supports an unlimited number of domains.

Prices begin at approximately $2.49 US (priced in Indian Rupees) per month, and you can choose to host your site in the US or the UK.[if you purchase by clicking on any link or banner we will get a commission]

Linux shared hosting plans include:

Choice of Ubuntu or CentOS

Datacenters in India, the UK, and the US

30-day money-back guarantee

SSH access

Development tools




Unlimited transfers

Unlimited bandwidth

Unlimited storage.

The rates for their shared hosting plans are competitive.

Windows Hosting
If you opt for shared hosting on a Windows server, the number of domains you can support differs:

Personal plan – single domains

Business plan – five domains

Pro plan – ten domains.

Windows vs Linux Hosting
For most people, Linux hosting is a better choice. It is cheaper (since Linux is an open-source operating system), yet it is still capable enough to handle most tasks needed by users.

Nevertheless, there are some for whom Windows hosting is a better choice. If you’re using a Microsoft technology stack, Windows is the option for you.

“Unlimited” Resources
Their storage space and transfers are unlimited, or as is common in the industry, “unlimited.” That is, they’re unlimited until your website starts to see traffic that causes a drag on the server (and thus other customers).

At that point, they will cut you off or require that you move to a more advanced plan like a VPS.

Nice Perks
Still, they have a few nice perks. ResellerClub offers SSH access with the shared plan , something that a lot of other hosting companies offer only on VPS or dedicated server plans.

They also offer easy upgrades when you outgrow your shared plan.

They offer the usual stable of tools for supporting web apps like MySQL, Perl, PHP, and Python.

The Python version is 2.6.6. While the Python community has moved on to version 3, version 2 is still supported because there are substantial differences between the two.

Many of the big Python libraries are supporting version 3, so those who need Python 3 would be advised to look elsewhere.

Other Shared Hosting Features
For Linux hosting, ResellerClub uses the cPanel control panel. For Windows hosting, they provide Plesk. But both control panels are excellent.

The basic plan only allows you to host one website, but with the highest tier, you can host unlimited domains.

They further offer:

Free website migrations

Email hosting

1-click installers.

So at last i would say reseller club hosting service is best if you consider it in India.

[ Inmotion vs BlueHost ] Which is One is Best Hosting and why?

welcome Here, Inmotion vs Bluehost hosting comparasion. Their are so many rumors about hosting and will always confuse them because lake of knowledge Because hosting is not simple to know very easily because of their versatile factors. But here you get the exact knowledge about Hosting what you need to know for your website.

  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Host Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited SSD storage
  • Standard Performance
  • unlimited Sub Domains
  • C-Pannel Included
  • C-Pannel Included
  • Get Spam experts by BlueHost
  • Get Free Domain Privacy
  • Daily Site Backup
  • 99.99% up time servers
  • Very Fast Servers
  • 1-Click WordPress Install

Features of Inmotions

  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Host Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited SSD storage
  • Standard Performance
  • unlimited Sub Domains
  • Get Spam experts by BlueHost
  • Get Free Domain Privacy
  • Daily Site Backup
  • 99.99% up time servers
  • 1-Click WordPress Install
  • Free Advertisment credits of Google Ads
  • C-Pannel Included
  • 90 Days Money Back Guarntee

There are so many features that BlueHost have but absent in inmotion hosting,

And you guys, you can easily start and grow your website easily with bluehost with their affordable  Price only just $2.65/ per month. (Disclosure: Here are some of our affiliate links and click on the links make your purchase then bluehost compensate a little amount of purchasing to us.)

Bluehost price is so low in comparison with Inmotion vs bluehost hosting.

Start your business With BlueHost 


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